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7even Up

Jaquin Royall was born and raised in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn. He was raised around drugs and violence from a very young age. As a result, Jaquin gravitated towards trouble; he was kicked out of school at the age of 7 and began stealing and fighting around the neighborhood. His parents wasn’t strict towards him, but they tried to keep him focused. For entertainment, he used to watch a lot of tv. It was the one past time that he engaged in to escape from the reality of his impoverished life. After several years passed, he started to fall in love with rap music reciting famous rappers like Method Man, Snoop, and Nas. He memorized the words and enjoyed when the songs came on just so he could recite the lyrics along with the songs. While in high school, local emcees used to rap in the lunch room. 

Jaquin moved on and started recording with the legendary group Fullforce who had their own entity called ForceFull Enterprises. They formed a group that included Jaquin, Loustar, Scaffboogs, and a local shy female rapper out of queens by the name of Nicki Miraj. The name of the group was called the Hoodstars. Jaquin, always plotting to get in the game switched his rap name from Jaquin to 7even-up trying to stand out from the other members of the group. They showcased for just about every major label, but still couldn’t score a deal. After about 3 years together, the group disbanded and everyone went their separate ways musically. Some members of the group kept a strong bond and 7even end up in prison for 7 years. His close friend Nicki Miraj who changed her name to Nicki Minaj blew up and was all over the charts while he was incarcerated. Looking from the inside out, he knew that could be him as well. So he dedicatd himself to music and made a promise to never live a life of crime again.


Brooklyn Nets

The Chopper

Baby Baby