Hazanati | Jay Devine
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Jay Devine

We present to you one of the most talented artist on the rise, Jay Devine, born in Augusta, Georgia and raised in Atlanta GA, Queens, New York, and also the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) as well. Through these multiple cultures, this rap artist brings an unorthodox and extremely unique rap style. Jay Devine has molded an unlimited arsenal of versatility and has broken through the music barrier that once divided East Coast and Dirty South Artist with his unorthodox and extremely unique word play. Half-Bred was the title of his first project. Half-Bred means that he was raised and influenced equally in the south and north. Therefore, the combination of a southern flow with the hardcore lyrics of the East Coast is nothing less than phenomenal coming from this young creative emcee.

Jay Devine has tracks that represents the north, south, and west! Jay has opened for a variety of artists including, T.I., Wu Tang, Busta Rhymes, Future, Yung Berg, Pastor Troy, Rich Kid, and the list goes on. Jay Devine is highly anticipated to be amongst the next generation of hot emcees!

Snares Comin

You Not Like Me

Mission Accomplished